McDowell Mission Ministries
Monday, June 01, 2020
Everyone Should Have a HOME

Crisis Resources


We recognize that citizens of McDowell County face crises every day, from needing help paying bills or finding food to needing serious emergency services. We can't serve everyone, as much as we would like to, but we can try to put people in touch with groups that can help. Below is a list of other organizations and services in McDowell helping those in need.
          Department of Social Services (Monday – Friday)
          Phone Number: 828-652-3355
          YMCA Corpening Fund – Rent/Utilities (Tuesdays by appointment)
           Phone Number: 828-659-9622
          Salvation Army - Thrift Store, Rent assistance
           Phone Number: 828-659-2522
          Grace Community Church – Food (Monday & Wednesdays 10am-2pm)/Summer Lunch Bunch /General Benevolence
           Phone Number: 828-724-9599
          Old Fort Crisis Ministry Thrift Store, Benevolence, and Food – (Old Fort Residents only)
           Phone Number: 828-668-0002
          Clinchfield UMC - Soup Kitchen (Tuesday & Thursday’s Lunch 11am - 1pm) & Food Program
           Phone Number: 828-559-2643
          Dysartsville Ministries - Food (Thursday 2:30-5:30 pm Dysartsville Residents only)
           Phone Number:828-448-9054
          Victory Christian Ministries – Food (Tuesdays 5-7pm & Sundays 11am-1pm)
           Phone Number: 828-756-0082
          Helping Hands - Thrift Store supporting Hospice
           Phone Number: 828-652-4144
          St John’s Episcopal Church – Food (Fridays 4-6pm)
           Phone Number: 828-652-4144
          Clinchfield Presbyterian - Angel Food Ministry 
           Phone Number: 828-659-2300
          Churches helping their own