McDowell Mission Ministries
Monday, June 01, 2020
Everyone Should Have a HOME

“McDowell Mission Ministries, Inc. is a Christian ministry dedicated to impacting the lives of people in personal need by providing shelter, case management, and practical economic assistance.”


We are committed to reach out and minister to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and economic needs of all our clients. We work with each of them in a way that helps them maintain or restore their dignity in society. McDowell Mission, through volunteers and church support, provides a wide range of services. We seek to be compassionate and caring, helping people through the short term crisis. We try to help them break the cycle of poverty by encouraging them to seek employment, education, and health care. This enables them to accomplish their personal goals in life. We cooperate with other agencies to guarantee that each person receives the help that they need. Our goal is to provide more than a Band-Aid to a hurt. We seek to find long-term solutions that will benefit individuals for the rest of their lives.

What is a Crisis?

A crisis is a situation people can get into through circumstances beyond their control (job layoff, low job wages, medical problems, death of a spouse, pay reductions, fire, etc.). They are not able to sustain the basic necessities of life (housing, utilities, food, clothing, medical).

Some people are functionally in crisis due to living beyond their means. Some are in crisis because they are inadequately educated and are unable to secure a job which pays them enough to meet the basic necessities of life from month to month. There are many other reasons why a person may find himself in crisis situation (such as: no labor skills, single-parent families, mental or physical handicaps, alcohol or drug addiction).

In some cases, a crisis occurs because a person is unemployed; welfare or Social Security are not enough to meet the basic needs of life.

Purpose (from Article III, articles of incorporation):

McDowell Mission Ministries, Inc. is a haven and refuge, dedicated to helping those people that have fallen out of life and into despair.

The purpose of the McDowell Mission Ministry is-

  • To offer hope, love and caring; to offer the saving gospel of Jesus Christ to all who enter its portals.

  • To aid, assist and care for the destitute by offering food, clothing, and lodging to those in need.

  • To minister to the total man or woman, to his or her body, mind and spirit, in an attempt to bring wholeness back into lives, families and relationships.

  • To minister to the alcoholic, drug-dependent, and person with a problem, including counseling, job placement and rehabilitation.

  • To rescue persons from immediate or impending calamities through an emergency program of assistance to those in desperate need.

  • To work with other persons, churches, groups and agencies in the community to help perform the previously listed functions.

This ministry is not to compete with churches, but to help them reach the lost and to mainstream them back to the body of Christ.


For more information on Mission statements, articles of incorporation, by-laws and policies, contact the Mission office at the address and telephone number listed below, or email the director at