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Privacy Policy Statement

We extend our gratitude for your visit to our online emporium. Safeguarding your privacy is of

paramount importance to us. Below, we have provided an in-depth exposition of our protocols

governing the treatment of your data.

Access Data and HostingYour interaction with our website can be undertaken without the disclosure of personalparticulars. During each visit to our website, our web server automatically records a server logfile, encompassing elements such as the name of the requested file, your IP address, the timeand date of the request, the quantum of data transmitted, and the requesting service provider(access data).This repository of access data is meticulously analyzed to ensure seamless website operationand to augment the quality of our offerings. Pursuant to Article 6(1) lit. f) of the General DataProtection Regulation (GDPR), this analysis serves to uphold our legitimate interests in theproficient presentation of our offerings, which prevails in the calculus of interests. The entirety ofaccess data is expunged no later than seven days following the conclusion of your website visit.Data Compilation and Utilization for Contract Fulfillment andAccount CreationSubmission of personal data is an elective endeavor, undertaken at your discretion, whenplacing an order or initiating contact, e.g., through a contact form or email correspondence.Compulsory fields are duly designated as such, for they constitute indispensable requisites forcontract fulfillment or addressing your communication. The data fields under collection areself-evident in each input form.The data you furnish are harnessed exclusively for contract execution and the processing ofyour inquiries, as defined by Article 6(1) lit. b) GDPR. Should you furnish consent in accordancewith Article 6(1) lit. a) GDPR by electing to create a customer account, your data will bedeployed for the explicit purpose of facilitating this account creation. Upon contract culminationor the deletion of your customer account, any further processing of your data will be curtailed,and the prescribed retention period, as stipulated by relevant regulations, will be observed priorto data deletion. This is subject to your express consent for extended data usage, or ourprerogative to continue processing your personal data within the boundaries prescribed by thelaw, as elucidated in this notification. You retain the liberty to terminate your customer account atyour convenience. To effectuate this, kindly relay your request through the contact optionsdetailed below or utilize the pertinent functionality accessible within your customer account.Data TransmissionFor the seamless delivery of ordered merchandise, we share your data with the shippingcompany, as necessitated under Article 6(1) lit. b) GDPR. Depending on your selected paymentservice provider during the order placement process, payment particulars gathered for thepurpose of order processing are shared with the designated bank responsible for paymenthandling, and where applicable, with the payment service provider enlisted by us. In instanceswhere you establish an account with a payment service provider, a subset of data is collecteddirectly by the said provider. In such cases, during the order process, registration with yourdesignated payment service provider is requisite, necessitating your access credentials. In thiscontext, the privacy policy of the pertinent payment service provider holds sway.Electronic Newsletter and Postal PromotionsEmail Marketing for Newsletter SubscribersBy subscribing to our newsletter, you proffer consent as per Article 6(1) lit. a) GDPR, therebyauthorizing the periodic transmission of our email newsletters, employing the data requisite forthis purpose, either submitted or separately disclosed by you. At any juncture, you retain theprerogative to unsubscribe from the newsletter service. To effectuate this, kindly dispatch amessage through the contact options specified below or employ the opt-out link embeddedwithin the newsletter. In the event of unsubscription, your email address will be expunged unlessexpress consent is furnished for the extended use of your data, or in accordance with legalprovisions, as elucidated in this notification.Postal Promotions and Opt-Out EntitlementsSubject to your non-exclusion, or if you are a consumer whose habitual residence lies in Spain,we uphold the right to employ your forename, surname, and postal address for advertisingpurposes, such as disseminating captivating offers and insights concerning our products bytraditional mail. This practice safeguards our overriding, legitimate interests in promoting andpublicizing our products to customers, as delineated by Article 6(1) lit. f) GDPR, prevailing in theinterplay of interests.Email Marketing for Non-Newsletter Subscribers and Opt-OutEntitlementsIn scenarios where we acquire your email address in conjunction with a sale of goods orservices, and no opt-out is indicated, and provided you are not a consumer whose habitualresidence lies in Poland, we maintain the prerogative to periodically transmit product offers fromour catalog that bear resemblance to items previously procured by you. This practice aligns withour overriding, legitimate interests in promoting and advertising our products to customers, asoutlined by Article 6(1) lit. f) GDPR, which supersedes the balancing of interests. Your right todecline this utilization of your email address is retained, exercisable at any time by forwarding amessage through the contact options detailed below or availing the opt-out link embeddedwithin the marketing email, without incurring costs beyond base-rate transmission expenses.Integration of Trusted Shops TrustbadgeIn pursuit of optimal marketing of our portfolio, we have incorporated the Trusted Shops Trustbadge onto this website. The badge showcases our Trusted Shops Trustmark and extendsaccess to Trusted Shops products subsequent to order placement.This endeavor is rooted in our legitimate interests to optimize marketing, prevailing in thebalancing of interests, as defined by Article 6(1) lit. f) GDPR. Trusted Shops is the purveyor ofthe Trust badge and its attendant trust badge services.Upon interaction with the Trustbadge, the web server automatically archives a server log file,encapsulating data elements such as your IP address, request date and time, data transmissionvolume, and requesting service provider (access data). These access data remain unexaminedand are expunged in an automated fashion no later than seven days post the cessation of yourwebsite visit.Transmission of additional personal data to Trusted Shops is contingent on your decision toavail of Trusted Shops products following order placement. In such instances, the contractualagreement binding you and Trusted Shops governs the terms.Cookies and Web AnalysisTo enhance user interaction and enable specific features on our website for presenting suitableproducts and conducting market research, select pages on this site utilize cookies. This practicestems from our commitment to safeguarding our legitimate interests, as per Article 6(1) lit. f)GDPR, which prioritizes optimized presentation of our offerings within the context of balancedinterests. A cookie, a minuscule text file, is automatically stored on your device. Some cookiesare deleted once you close your browser session (referred to as session cookies), while othersremain on your device, permitting us to recognize your browser upon your subsequent visits(persistent cookies). To ascertain the duration of cookie storage, consult the Overview functionwithin your web browser's cookie settings. You have the option to configure your browser tonotify you whenever a page employs cookies, allowing you to decide on a per-website basiswhether to accept or reject cookies or to implement a global preference. Each browser hasdistinct guidelines for managing cookie settings, elaborated in the Help menu of the respectivebrowser. To alter your browser's settings, refer to the links provided below:

  • Internet Explorer™:

  • Safari™:
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  • Opera™:

It is important to note that disabling cookies may limit access to certain features on our website.Use of Google (Universal) Analytics for Web AnalyticsFor the purpose of website analytics, this website employs Google (Universal) Analytics, a webanalytics service provided by Google LLC ( This is carried out to uphold ourlegitimate interests in optimizing our offerings, as delineated by Article 6(1) lit. f) GDPR, whichprevails within the framework of balanced interests. Google (Universal) Analytics employsmethods such as cookies to analyze your website usage.Data automatically collected by cookies about your website interactions are generallytransmitted to and stored on Google servers in the United States. Given that IP anonymizationis active on this website, your IP address is truncated prior to transmission within the EuropeanUnion member states or other parties within the European Economic Area. In exceptionalcases, the full IP address may be sent to a Google server in the USA and abbreviated there.Google does not typically associate the anonymized IP address, transmitted via your browserthrough Google Analytics, with other data in its possession.Google LLC is headquartered in the USA and holds certification under the EU-US PrivacyShield. The most current certificate can be accessed here. This agreement between the USAand the European Commission recognizes Privacy Shield-certified entities as adhering toadequate data protection standards.To prevent data generated by cookies, including your IP address, from being collected andprocessed by Google, you can download and install a browser plugin through the following link: an alternative to the browser plugin, you may opt out of Google Analytics data collection forthis website by clicking on this link. This action will store an opt-out cookie on your device. If youclear your cookies, you will need to click the link again.Contact Options and Your RightsAs a data subject, you hold the following rights as outlined in the General Data ProtectionRegulation (GDPR):

  1. Right to Information (Article 15 GDPR): Obtain details about your processed personal


  1. Right to Rectification (Article 16 GDPR): Promptly request the correction of

inaccuracies or completion of your stored personal data.

  1. Right to Erasure (Article 17 GDPR): Request the removal of your personal data, with

exceptions specified by law.

  1. Right to Restriction of Processing (Article 18 GDPR): Request limitations on the

processing of your personal data, under certain circ*mstances.

  1. Right to Data Portability (Article 20 GDPR): Receive your personal data in a

structured, machine-readable format or request its transfer to another controller.

  1. Right to Lodge a Complaint (Article 77 GDPR): Lodge a complaint with a supervisory


  1. Right to Object (Article 21 GDPR): Object to data processing based on compelling

legitimate grounds or direct marketing purposes.To exercise these rights or inquire about your personal data, please contact us using the contactdetails provided in our site notice. Please note that if you object to data processing based onlegitimate interests, we will cease processing unless we can demonstrate compelling legitimategrounds for the processing that override your rights, interests, or freedoms, or if the processingpertains to direct marketing.This provision does not apply to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes.

Dayton Audio Archives - AudioStatus (2024)
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