GameMaker: Studio 100 Programming Challenges (2024)

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GameMaker: Studio 100 Programming Challenges (1)

ଇଂରାଜୀ [en], .pdf, 🚀/lgli/zlib, 2.1MB, 📘 ପୁସ୍ତକ (ଅଣ-ଗଳ୍ପ), Ben Tyers - GameMaker: Studio 100 Programming Challenges (2017, Apress, Berkeley, CA)

GameMaker: Studio 100 Programming Challenges 🔍

Apress, Berkeley, CA, 1, 2017

Ben Tyers (auth.) 🔍


“Push your GameMaker programming skills to the edge with 100 programming challenges using the popular GameMaker: Studio and GML. Each challenge includes an outline of the challenge, a scoring and time guide, useful GML code, and a working example provided in GMZ format. For more advanced programmers, each challenge comes with an additional task to complete.
Think you're a good GameMaker game application developer or programmer? Think again with this awesome book!

What You'll Learn
Upgrade your skills with each specific game application coding challenge
Create many different game events, action or scenarios
Code for many different kinds of game applications or themes from space to adventure to sports to fantasy

Who This Book Is For
GameMaker and GameMaker: Studio users and coders.”

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“Source title: GameMaker: Studio 100 Programming Challenges


date open sourced

2022-05-16 (ol_source: 2019-10-09, isbndb_scrape: 2022-09-01, lgli_source: 2023-02-05, zlib_source: 2022-05-16)

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ISBN-13978-1-4842-2644-5 ISBN-13978-1-4842-2643-8 ISBN-101-4842-2643-7 ISBN-101-4842-2644-5 Open LibraryOL27398213M Open LibraryOL20209902W Internet Archivegamemakerstudio10000tyer ASIN1484226437 Z-Library21570070 MD5a636dd3b70485a92e076e4941f7e1809 File98583568 libgen_id3921389 LCCN2017932374 Torrentmanaged_by_aa/zlib/pilimi-zlib2-21490000-21589999.torrent LCCMLCM 2019/42960 (Q) LCCQA76.76.C672

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GameMaker: Studio 100 Programming Challenges (2024)


How do you pass code challenges? ›

How can you prepare for a coding challenge when you don't know the questions?
  1. Understand the format. Be the first to add your personal experience.
  2. Review the basics.
  3. Research the company.
  4. Test your code.
  5. Explain your code.
  6. Learn from feedback.
  7. Here's what else to consider.
Dec 4, 2023

Is Unity harder than GameMaker? ›

For a beginner, small 2D games are easier to build in GameMaker Studio than in Unity, yes. Complex, visually-heavy games are better handled with Unity — but it isn't easy at all. (But it's fun.)

What are the limitations of GameMaker free? ›

Free Version Limitations

It does not permit you to create Commerical shareable executable copies of your game through targets other than "GX. Games"

Is it hard to learn GameMaker? ›

Is GameMaker good for beginners? Yes! GameMaker Studio is relatively easy to learn compared to other game engiens like Unity or Unreal, as you can make a game without very much code or scripting. However, the games made in GameMaker are geneallly not as complex as with other game engines.

How to crack coding challenges? ›

  1. Step 1: Practice on paper. ...
  2. Step 2: Collecting the best resource for learning. ...
  3. Step 3: Do Mock Interviews. ...
  4. Step4: Write down your mistakes. ...
  5. Step 5: Work on Software Design Skills. ...
  6. Step 6: Listen to every detail. ...
  7. Step7: Company-specific preparation. ...
  8. Step 8: Speak your thoughts.

How do you start the 100 days of code challenge? ›

100-day coding challenge - We can do it!
  1. Rule #1: I commit to coding for a minimum of 8 hours every day for the next 100 days.
  2. Rule #2: I commit to encouraging at least 2 other people who are taking the challenge each day, using Twitter or any other means.
Aug 19, 2023

Is GameMaker 100% free? ›

Can I download GameMaker for free? Yes - all versions of GameMaker are completely free to download. You'll only need to pay if you plan to release your game commercially or if you'd like to export your games to Console platforms. For more information, check out our Get page .

Is GameMaker still free? ›

GameMaker is Free for general use. You may purchase a commercial licence to sell and distribute your games en masse if you like - See the Get page for GameMaker Professional.

Is GML similar to C++? ›

While it has its own scripting language called GameMaker Language (GML), which is similar in syntax to C, GameMaker itself is not primarily programmed using C++. However, GameMaker does provide functionality for more advanced users to extend the capabilities of their games through the use of "extensions".

Is GameMaker similar to Python? ›

GameMaker Studio primarily uses its own scripting language called GameMaker Language (GML) for game development. GML is designed specifically for GameMaker and shares some similarities with languages like C and JavaScript, but it is not Python.

What is the easiest GameMaker? ›

The Best Game Engine for Beginners in 2024
  1. Unity: Developed by Unity Technologies, Unity is one of the world's most popular game engines and has been used to create some of the biggest titles in gaming. ...
  2. Unreal Engine: Another popular game engine is Unreal. ...
  3. GameMaker: ...
  4. CryEngine: ...
  5. Phaser: ...
  6. Godot:
Jan 11, 2023

How do coding challenges work? ›

Understanding Coding Challenges

Coding challenges come in two primary categories: the Algorithmic Challenges and the Project-Based Challenges. Algorithmic Challenges put your problem-solving skills to the test, emphasizing data structures, algorithms, and logical problem-solving.

How does code challenge work? ›

The code challenge is sent with the initial authorization request, along with a code challenge method. The code challenge method is the transformation mode used to generate the code challenge. There are two code challenge methods that PKCE supports: plain and S256.

How do you pass a code test? ›

Learn the Test-Taking Strategies for Online Coding Test
  1. Read and Understand the Instructions. ...
  2. Analyse the Problem. ...
  3. Plan and Organize the Code. ...
  4. Use Comments and Clean Code. ...
  5. Test the Code Thoroughly. ...
  6. Create a Schedule. ...
  7. Prioritise the Questions. ...
  8. Avoid Spending Too Much Time on a Single Question.
Mar 21, 2023

How can I be better at coding challenges? ›

To get better at solving programming problems, try these tips:
  1. Make sure you understand the problem before trying to solve it.
  2. Break big problems into smaller ones.
  3. Plan your solution with pseudocode before you start coding.
  4. Use diagrams to help think through solutions.
  5. Look for patterns and make functions you can use again.
Mar 26, 2024

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