Hello SMLPSA Membership (2024)

Hello SMLPSA Membership,

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer season and having a chance to relax on the lake and enjoy family and friends. Summer is a good time to rest up – regroup – and focus on the future. Our Club has been steadily moving forward and is making progress in membership goals, as well as regular activities that the members can enjoy. Paul Giammattei and the RSO’s who assisted him did a wonderful job this year supporting our Men’s and Ladies’ Shooting League and I believe it was an absolute success. Members who participated got a chance to learn new skills, and can enjoy the activities by having ample ammunition on hand at the range to support those events. A lot of you took advantage of our Club’s FFL this year and have purchased new firearms to enjoy as well. I will continue to show weekly specials and will always look for the best deal I can for members with all the resources we have to purchase from now. 22LR ammo is still in very short supply and for those of you who ordered the cases of Winchester premium ammo, it looks like we will still be waiting a few more months for those orders to be filled. We also bought some firearms on closeout specials that the Club still has available to members and in stock we still have (2) Webley and Scott Model 612 Pump Action Shotguns (Home Defense Models) at a very low price of $232.69 Out the Door. We also have a great little compact 22 rifle made by GSG/ATI which is a copy of the H&K MP5 Assault gun with silencer. This gun is a blast to shoot and we have (1) in stock for $352.70 Out the Door. We also have a great little starter gun for a girl in a Mossberg Pretty in Pink 802 Plinkster, which is a 10 shot bolt action 22LR rifle. This gun is selling for an Out the Door Price of $235.84 and would make a great gift for a daughter or granddaughter. We also have plenty of .223 and 12 gauge ammo available at great prices at the range, and, we have plenty of match grade 22LR and all other center fire calibers we shoot. We still have a good supply of 38 Special defensive ammo at $13/box which is half the normal price. Stock up on ammo members because I am hearing from everyone that supplies aren’t getting any better and the majority of ammo out there is remanufactured.

Our Club still desperately needs someone to take over the Club Secretary position so Greg Tornatore can retire. He has things running so smoothly that whoever takes over the position will find an easy transition and well-kept records. We have hired a new person to manage our website and he is doing a great job and has fixed all outstanding issues with the system as well as added new features. I will be working closely with him to improve our site as we go forward.

We are also in discussion with Glock to begin to hold Glock Tournaments at the range on a monthly basis in the fall and will keep you informed as those progresses. I will also be teaching the Tactical Shooting Class again in September for anyone who wishes to take the class and learn some very unique skillsets for self-defense and close quarters shooting. I am also scheduling another Concealed Carry Class for June 28th for those of you who want to get your certifications. Hope you all have a great summer and stay safe.

Peter A. Fisette

President SMLPSA

Upcoming Events

NRA Basic Pistol Safety and CCW Class

Saturday, 06/28/14 at the JOCO Computer Science Room, 9Am-5:30Pm. Price $100 and includes lunch plus the use of a firearm. For more information please call Peter at 540-400-1070. Registration deadline ends by 06/22/14. There are still seats left for this class so call and book your reservation soon.

My Favorite New Gun Related Item

Why have an regular AR15 when you can own this?

The Gilboa Snake Double Barrel/Double Action AR15 Rifle

· Gilboa® Snake

· General Information

· Specifications

· Brochure

· Gallery

Caliber / 5.56X45mm
Method of operation / Proprietary piston system
Weight without magazine / 4.270 Kg
Overall length (stock extended) / 800 mm
Overall length (stock folded) / 495 mm
Barrel length / 2x241mm (9.5”)
Weapon width / 592 mm
Bore characteristics / Chrome lined 1:7 RH
Firing mode / Full auto or semi-auto available

Price to be determined upon production.


To All Of You Who Are Dads, Stepdads and Grand Dads.

Keep up the good work!


Hello SMLPSA Membership (2024)
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