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Chen Ping held the hilt of the sword wrapped in dragon skin, and streams of immortal energy flowed into his body, filling his limbs and bones.

His physical body has returned to blood red, and he has undergone a golden body transformation. He is now a strong man of the seventh or eighth level of the Hegemonic Stage. With such physical strength, the aura now exuding alone has surpassed Ye Chen’s peak. Qi and blood.

He pointed his sword at Ye Chen and said: “Originally, I wanted to use you to train some junior brothers and sisters.”

“I didn’t expect that you would dare to kill Chen Peng and Luo Pu!”

“In this case, you have the strength and don’t have to accept torture. If you want to die within a few strokes, just say it.”

“I can help you!”

I have entered the realm of gods, a warrior in the realm of gods, and the heavens are mighty.

Destroying the Emperor Senior Realm can be done easily with the wave of a hand, but it is even easier to kill a Principle Source Realm like you.

But if you have some strength and good talent, I will let you choose how many moves you will take before you die.

You deserve the glory!

“If you want to kill me, you can’t!”

“Entering the Divine Realm, okay, today I want to see how strong the combat power of the Entering Divine Realm is!”

Ye Chen’s Qi and blood wrapped around the Killing Sword, and the blade exuded a faint Qi and blood, wrapping the blade like Gang Qi. The second-grade immortal weapon was bound to be no match for the fourth-grade immortal weapon. In order to prevent the immortal weapon from breaking, he had to Wrap it with Qi and blood.

The first time, fighting against a warrior who has entered the divine realm.

There is expectation and excitement!

Ye Chen wanted to see what the gap was between himself and the warriors in the divine realm!

In other words, entering the first level of the divine realm is nothing!

The next moment, Ye Chen’s figure moved forward slightly, and flew out like a beam of light. At the extreme speed, the Killing Sword slashed crazily on the Ghost Killing Sword, bursting out a series of bright sparks, but it was just Can shake Chen Ping slightly.

“Your energy and blood are not good enough.”

“In the semi-divine realm, he is still the pinnacle of power.”

“But the gap between entering the divine realm and semi-entering the divine realm is not something you can make up for!”

Chen Ping’s energy and blood burst out, a thousand-meter blood cloud formed in the sky, and wisps of blood rain fell down, and every drop of blood rain had the ability to look down. His arm shook, and he forced Ye Chen back. He held the sword in one hand, and his arm emitted a bright light. As the sword flew out, it turned into colorful sword aura.

Whoosh whoosh! !

Whoosh! !

The bright sword energy pierced the night sky and attacked Ye Chen one after another.

The flesh body trembled faintly and was about to burst.


“His energy and blood are too strong. A simple attack can crush me!”

“You have to use the power of annihilation!”

Ye Chen quickly changed his attack method. He gathered most of his energy and blood on the Killing Sword with his right hand. He activated the sun and moon marks with determination, transformed into a blue dragon and a phoenix and tore the sky apart. He made a fist with his left hand and suddenly continued the power of Nirvana!

Ho ho! !

Ming Ming! !

The sound of dragons and phoenixes shook the sky, and the phantoms of a dragon and a phoenix rushed straight towards Chen Ping against the attack of blood rain.

Chen Ping circulated his sword, and the bright sword energy emitted from the tip of the sword was as thick and powerful as a waterfall, attacking the dragon and phoenix beasts one after another.

He said without any pressure: “Killing you is so easy!”

“Is this your strongest attack? After this attack, you stopped and your vitality and blood decreased sharply.”

“The sword mark of the sun and moon breaking through the sky, it seems that this sword was given to the demon clan by my blood spirit clan!”

“Since you got it and used this knife to kill Luo Pu and Chen Peng, I will grant you death!”

Kunlunxu is the peerless genius?

It is indeed good, but it will fall into my hands today!

I want him to know what is the state of trance, and what is the state of trance? Warriors in the state of trance must not be offended!

Killing Ye Chen was simply easier than killing a chicken.


“You want to give me a death? Then I will give you a death first!”

In an instant, Ye Chen came behind Chen Peng and punched the Buddha with his left hand. The power of ten thousand annihilations eroded Chen Peng’s whole body.


“Ye Chen, you beast…this is the power of destruction!”

Chen Peng couldn’t resist. He couldn’t move his whole body at this moment. His vitality was being depleted rapidly. His thick black hair was gradually thinning, and there were even traces of white hair. It wouldn’t take long for his hair to turn completely white, and his ten thousand years of life would be gone. It’s all been used up!

“You beast, how dare you…”

“You…” The Ghost Killing Sword in his hand had cracks, and then his whole body started to tremble, and his lifespan was being consumed at the rate of a thousand years per second.


No, no!

My lifespan cannot be consumed. If this continues, I will not be able to reach the second level of heaven!

You can only use your bloodline foundation!

Ye Chen, you forced me!

The power of my blood cannot be used easily. Once used, it will damage the foundation, but if you don’t use it, you will consume it alive!

“Nine Infants Bloodline!”

“Open!” Chen Peng shouted violently, and for a moment he seemed to be in a daze. His figure trembled, and nine heads appeared behind him. Eighteen blood-colored pupils opened at the same time, and a burst of energy and blood that shocked the ages completely erupted. , flying Ye Chen away like a vast ocean.

He stood tremblingly, and the meridians in his body were rapidly breaking.

Quickly, less than three seconds!

Nine heads separated from the body, forming a three-foot-sized Nine Infants shadow behind them, and even gradually solidified, as if the ancient demon Nine Infants came into the world, and the cold and decisive killing intent spread across Qianjue Square. It seemed that everyone was being stared at by the ancient giant monster, and they couldn’t help but feel terrified.

“Ye Chen, I originally wanted to give you death!”

“But you forced me to use the power of my bloodline, which damaged my foundation. I won’t be able to recover without a thousand years!”

“Now, even if you want to die, I won’t let you!” Chen Ping roared hysterically, moving forward step by step, and with each step forward, the Nine Infant Giant Demon became stronger and more solid.

The bloodline of the ancient demon Jiuying is actually much stronger than the bloodline of Tianpeng.

Looking at the aura, it is at least two or three times stronger. At worst, it should be a seventh-rate bloodline. It may even break away from the lower-third-rate bloodline and become a middle-level third-rate bloodline. Its status in the Blood Spirit Clan is not much different.

The five-foot-sized Jiuying has a layer of red scales on its body. If you look closely, it looks a bit like the Yamata-no-Orochi that the island nation believes in.

It’s just that Yamata no Orochi is not qualified to kneel down to Jiuying.

In other words, the Nine Infant Shadow is more like a flame dragon with nine heads.

“Ye Chen, Ye Chen!”

“You are really looking for death!” Chen Ping walked out slowly, with crimson blood lingering around him, wrapping him like a descendant of the red dragon.

He raised his hand slightly, and the Nine Infant Shadow behind him erupted with a burst of extreme energy and blood, turning into a giant hand holding up the sky to break the power of annihilation, and even shattered the Buddha Kingdom in his fist into pieces, incomparable The power shocked everyone.

At this moment, he was emitting a light red luster, like a demon god.

Have absolutely powerful power!

Have an absolutely powerful bloodline!

This is the foundation!

The foundation for crushing low-level martial arts planes!

Bang! !

Chen Ping knocked Ye Chen away with a casual palm, like slapping a child.

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Read The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 1219: Bloodline! Inheritance! (four updates) [raw] English - Soverse (2024)
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