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Yomi stared at the map on the low table below her; her fingers tracing the boarders of the hidden villages. Kisame sat in front of her engrossed in homework. Yomi picked up a book and flicked through, she hadn’t left that desk all day, since Kisame went to school and came back she had been engrossed in studying.

“I’m back.” Kakuzu’s voice resonated through the halls.

“Welcome back Kakuzu!”

“Welcome back Kakuzu-san!”

“Yeah yeah.” He said dismissing the two, he collapsed to the floor sitting on the other side of the table. “What did you decide on?” He asked Yomi.

“Chikagakure” She replied pointing to the little village in the land of mountains. “It’s small, unknown and we should be able to take over it.”

Kakuzu looked at the map and nodded. “The only issue now is money.”

“That’s not an issue, you forget we have the Kanetsugu clan. And we have Ikue.”

Kakuzu’s curiosity was piqued “Ikue agreed to help?” He asked.

“Not yet, but I have a sneaking suspicion she might.” Yomi placed her finger on the land of mountain. “The main trade route between Konoha and Kumo is through the land of mountain, if we make it a formidable hidden village she will appreciate having majority monopoly over trade.”

Kakuzu listened, pleasantly surprised that she actually thought this true. “Part of me expected you to pick a random village and kill the kage.”

“I considered that too, but I figured I might as well use the brain I Was given.” Yomi stood up stretching her back. “I’ll go have a conversation with Arakawa.”

“Wait, have a conversation with him? You’re not planning on telling him your plans are you?” Kakuzu asked shocked.

“Why not? I mean he doesn’t want them so I can just take the entire clan.”

“It’s not that easy” Kakuzu groaned, every time he had a conversation with Yomi he got a headache.

“Well, if he insists they die it just means we have to leave this place prematurely.”

“What about Kisame! He just started in the academy!”

Kisame who heard his name scratched the back of his head “I don’t mind following Sozo-sama if she wants me too.”

“See? Just wait I’ll be back soon!”
Kakuzu felt his head pound, he laid down on the cold wooden floor.

“Kakuzu-san, are you ok?” Kisame asked worried.

“Let me just rest, I am getting too old for this.”

The guards to the Kage mansion didn’t stop her come going in, they were aware of who she was. Despite only visiting once everyone assumed there was something between them, Yomi found it odd considering they didn’t speak on a regular basis.

Yuma Arakawa's office was a stark contrast to the bustling streets of Kirigakure. The room was decorated with austere elegance—dark wooden panels, a large window overlooking the misty village, and shelves filled with scrolls and ancient tomes. Yuma Arakawa himself sat behind a large desk, his piercing eyes observing Yomi as she entered.

"Lady Sozo," he greeted, his voice cold but polite. "To what do I owe this unexpected visit?"

Yomi smiled, a playful glint in her eyes. "I thought it was time we had a proper conversation, Mizukage-sama."

Yuma's eyes narrowed slightly. "Indeed. Please, have a seat."

She sat gracefully. "I hope I am not intruding." Small talk was a skill she knew well enough.

"Not at all," Yuma replied, his voice smooth. "I must admit, I am curious about the purpose of your visit."

Yomi leaned forward slightly, her gaze never leaving his. "I have a proposition."

"Oh?" Yuma raised an eyebrow, his interest piqued. "Do tell."

"You are aware of the Kanetsugu clan's predicament," Yomi began. "The embezzlement and civilian unrest.”

Yuma nodded, his expression guarded. "So you found him. Kanetsugu Raiden? Hah..” He let out a laugh. “Only a young clan head like him would be this bold to try something like that. Is that why you went to see him?”

“Yes I had a conversation with him. I propose instead of extermination, you allow me to take them under my protection. With the Kanetsugu clan and others like them, we can create a powerful ally for Kirigakure In time of need. A back up other nations won’t see coming."

Yuma's eyes flickered with interest. But he was cautious, how could a child possibly control something as powerful as a clan with a Kekkei Genkkai. "And why should I agree to this?"

Yomi smiled, sensing the shift in his demeanor. "Because it benefits Kirigakure. By supporting this new village, you gain a strategic ally on the trade route between Konoha and Kumo. It strengthens our position without costing you resources."

Yuma leaned back in his chair, contemplating her words. Another war was brewing under the surface, she might not know that but he was painfully aware. "And what do you gain from this, Lady Sozo?"

"Power, influence, and the satisfaction of saving lives," Yomi replied candidly. "I believe in giving those with unique abilities a chance to thrive."

Yuma studied her for a moment before speaking. "You speak with conviction, Lady Sozo. But creating a hidden village is no small feat. It requires more than just determination. How will you control them? The issue with this clans is they’re insatiable. It’s not something you can handle alone.”

“Are you aware of my abilities Yuma-san?” This was the first she had called him by his first name, he didn’t hate it.

“Would you tell me if I asked?” Shinobi didn’t often disclose such details.

“Ask and it shall be given to you. My abilities allow me to tag and track. So I’m confident in having eyes everywhere.”

She meant that literally.

“I guess that suits you, I look forward to seeing you in the Bingo book one day.” Yuma said with a laugh.

"It’ll be so cool! I already have a nickname in mind!” wanna hear it? Her eyes shone with excitement. He found it endearing, if he had a daughter would she be like her?

“Go on, tell me.”


“Death God? Really?” He looked at her, no matter how he thought about it, no one would seriously call her a death God. Maybe a moon goddess?

"Of course," Yomi said, “it’s a super cool name reserved only for me!”

Yuma couldn’t help but laugh.He eventually steered the conversation back to issue of the Kanetsugu clan.
"Very well. You have my permission to take the Kanetsugu clan and any others willing to join you. But remember, Lady Sozo, their loyalty must remain with Kirigakure, at least while I am alive."

Yomi stood, bowing slightly. "As long as you don’t try to murder me again I have no reason to stand against Kiri.”

Yuma turned to face her, his eyes locking onto hers. "I trust you will make good on your promises, Lady Sozo. Kirigakure will be watching."

Yomi's gaze held steady, a subtle challenge dancing in her eyes. "I never break my promises, Yuma. You will find me true to my word."

Yuma nodded, a silent acknowledgment of her resolve. "Good. Then let us discuss the logistics. Establishing a hidden village is no small endeavor, and while you have my blessing, you will need more than just support from Ikue."

"Of course," Yomi agreed. "We will need supplies, manpower, and most importantly, the cooperation of the clans willing to relocate. I have already begun negotiations with several smaller clans who have expressed interest in joining us."

Yuma returned to his seat, his fingers steepled thoughtfully. "And what of village? How will you secure your seat as the kage?"

"Easily~ Just wait for good news, within a year, I will have Chikagakure under my control.”

"And what of your own ambitions?" Yuma asked, his tone probing. "What do you seek to gain from this, beyond the altruistic goal of saving lives?" He didn’t believe that was her actual reason for all this.

Yomi's smile widened, though it did not reach her eyes. “Just because.”


Was she serious?

Yuma coughed clearing his throat. Her reply caught him off guard, he almost lost composure. "Very well. I will support your endeavor, Lady Sozo. But remember, Kirigakure's interests must always come first."

"Of course," Yomi agreed. "Our alliance will strengthen Kirigakure, not weaken it."

The Mizukage nodded, satisfied for the moment. "I will have the necessary documents prepared. You will need to present your case to the council, but with my backing, they should be inclined to approve."

"Thank you, Yuma-san," Yomi said, standing and bowing once more. "I will not disappoint you."

As she turned to leave, Yuma's voice stopped her. "One more thing, Lady Sozo."

She paused, looking back at him. "Yes?"

"Be careful," he said, his tone softer but no less serious. "Don't underestimate the challenges you will face."

Yomi's expression softened, a rare moment of vulnerability showing through. "I appreciate your concern, but even death cannot phase me."

With that, she exited the room.

“Even death huh? But there are things worst that death...” Yuma muttered to himself.

Rēbørn - A Naruto Fanfiction - Chapter 9 - aaliswalker (2024)
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