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Ever wonder what that prescription-looking water in those medical bottles is? Well, this article explains it to you. Water that is thickened (by many gradation options) is designed for people, usually the elderly, who have swallowing disorders to help prevent aspiration.

This condition is called dysphagia, and it affects up to 15 million American adults annually. In this article, we’ll define what thick water is, how it’s used, who it’s good for, and why Berkey water can be transformed into thick water as the most adaptable water of its kind!

What Is Thick Water?

Thick water is expressly designed for people with dysphagia. It can have a honey consistency or a nectar consistency, depending on how much thickener you add. While you could technically drink it for recreational purposes, it’s not that tasty compared to regular drinking water, and it’s really supposed to be used as a medicine.

There are two ways to go about procuring nectar thick water. The first is pre-thickened. You can buy pre-thickened water over the counter at most major drug stores and pharmacies. The other way is the way we recommend, which is to take water at home (that you’ve duly filtered to get rid of over 200 contaminants!) and use thickening agents.

With a Berkey filter and some water-thickening gels or powders, you can preserve all of the benefits, including the bioavailability and deliciousness of pristine drinking water and have water safe for someone with dysphagia.

What Is Thick Water Used For?

As we’ve noted, thick water is used for people with dysphagia. Thick water gives you better control of the liquid in your mouth before you swallow it. This makes the swallowing process safer. It slows the flow rate of the water to prevent it from going into your airway or “down the wrong pipe.” Liquid stuck in your lungs can cause serious illness, so stagnant water is vital for this purpose.

Senior care centers, hospitals, and other medical centers are the primary places where you find thick water.

Is Thick Water Good for You if You Don’t Have Dysphagia?

The basic answer is it’s neither good nor bad. Thickeners are tools you can use to improve the viscosity of any thin liquid or fluid, including regular water, orange juice, or apple juice. Thickened beverages won’t hurt you, but the taste will be slightly different. Sometimes, thickened water can complement meals and make them more enjoyable.

Essentially, thickened water tastes like regular water, but the thickener will perceptually affect the taste, and you won’t get that clean and crisp water texture that you’re used to with Berkey water. It’s more “chunky.” Thickened water has additives, which don’t alter the health benefits of the water, but they serve a very specific purpose beyond simple hydration.

Where Can You Buy Thick Water?

You can buy thick water at most major drug stores or pharmacies. Such stores include CVS, Walmart, and others.

How to Make Thick Water at Home

Making your own thick water is the healthiest solution available. You can use thickeners like powders and gels, but these have several chemical additives.

A more organic option would be to use healthier thickeners like arrowroot, cassava flour, aloe vera, marshmallow herb, tapioca starch, and diatomaceous earth.

Basically, you’d want to follow the same process companies use when making the water they sell as pre-thickened on the market.

The first step is to choose your thickening agent. The list above is pretty comprehensive.

The second step is to mix the thickening agent with the water –Berkey water being the best choice!

The third step is to mark down the ratio of water to thickener. Remember that there are different gradients of thickness, and each one will suit different needs.

If you want to alter the taste of the water, you can add lemon or lime to offset the liquid’s thick consistency. Some people find this to be helpful.


Thick water is primarily for people who have a swallowing disorder called dysphagia. Such people – usually elderly, but sometimes not – have difficulty swallowing thin liquids, so adding a thickener makes the water they so much need more swallowable and digestible.

There are many pre-thickened waters on the market, and you can find various brands at drug stores and pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, and even more integrative drug stores.

If you have difficulty swallowing, you can talk to your nurse or doctor about getting medical thickening powder to prevent aspiration. If you want to make your own thickened water at home, which is the optimal choice, all you need is your Berkey filter and your choice of natural or commercial thickener.

These include arrowroot, cassava flour, xanthan gum, and others. While thick water usually tastes very similar to regular drinking water, the thickener will alter the taste a bit because of how your taste buds respond to differences in viscosity.

Your best bet? Make your own thick water at home with a brand-new Berkey water filter from Conscious Water today!

What Is Thick Water? | Conscious Water (2024)
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