Kunai to the Plot: Redo - Chapter 35 - Ameterasu53 (2024)

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Over 36 hours later -

Kakashi still wasn’t back - not that Minato expected him this early. Not with Remi being in heat - and he hadn’t heard about any more attacks within this stretch of Fire Country, so that meant they were together. Anything else was unthinkable.

Heats weren’t meant to be endured alone. The psychological and physical effects would be too traumatic for his sister-in-law.

It was fine. Kakashi would take care of Remi…

So many questions.

Any surviving ROOT nins must have scattered, Minato thought, waiting for Danzo or Sarutobi to come barging in as he worked, demanding more answers. But where the hell had they been?!

He was the one who needed answers!
And cold showers for the rest of my life. He rubbed his arm up over his face and nose, knowing that Remi’s scent wasn’t on him any longer but he sure remembered it.
If Kushina knew her sister (temporarily!!! Only temporarily!!) affected me that way, she’d beat me bloody and bust my balls.

Would she understand that he’d never been subjected to an unbound omega in her prime? One that had dropped a pheromone bomb in her distress? No, she would not. He sighed.

Minato knew there were omegas in Konoha, five or six of them, he thought, in a very large village. The omegas were all highly valued and secured, married off within clan compounds - or that’s what Sandaime said.

Jiraiya-sensei once told him that he had a close omega friend who believed he had to give up his life choices because of how he presented. His friend had been horrified and ashamed of being an omega - of not having certain choices - and although Minato didn’t understand at the time, he staunchly agreed with his sensei that omega trafficking had to be stopped. That an omega - or anyone - had a right to live the way he or she chose.

  • Not that he’d given that a tremendous amount of thought until now.
  • Outside of the laws, of course.

As the village spymaster, Jiraiya was always keeping an ear out for traffickers and such. From what he said, that’s how it all began for him. Jiraiya was a pervert and managed to charm both men and women of all persuasions with ease, sure. But after his friend presented and went through whatever he did, Jiraiya rallied like-minded allies to his side, hoping to both shield and show his friend a different way to manage his new designation, to support him.

Jiraiya never held himself back when it came to those abusing omegas or innocents. People who otherwise wouldn’t want to deal with a shinobi came to him over time, feeding him intelligence, and he developed relationships with them and theirs - all over the shinobi world.

Minato didn’t know if Jiraiya’s old omega friend had been taken, had (hopefully) happily found a mate, or had done something surgically to themselves so that they didn’t have to go through their heats, their freedom potentially being taken away, etc…

Remi’s going to want to leave.
She’s going to want to go back to see what’s left of Uzushio, anyway: of that Minato was confident. Dammit. It was highly problematic that Remi presented this way.

But laws protected her (and would be strictly enforced in his village from here on out,) not that it meant things would be easy for her. For all of them…

Minato would never forget the times Jiraiya-sensei and his Chunin teammates busted trafficking rings. Jiraiya-sensei was a beta, and Minato's agemates hadn’t presented the first time they went into one holding omegas, so it was far easier that time.

Not the second time… Kami, we got dosed with pheromones. He shook his head, remembering feeling so out of control even though those omegas had been mated.

In addition to the old omegas the traffickers were holding that first time, they’d found two terrified, little red-haired girls. All Minato could see was Kushina in one of their places, and he’d torn through the joint similar to the way Kakashi had the ROOT base. Without killing everyone. Aaaand without fighting with a horribly painful, throbbing erection and alpha instincts running absolutely wild.

Poor Kakashi.

Minato couldn’t help it; he snorted, shaking with just a little laughter at the thought. No; not funny. He went silent and then laughed out loud. It’s not funny!

  • Okay; it was only funny because it was the normally “stoic/enigmatic” (depressed and lonely introverted) Kakashi, whom he thought of as a son little brother, and who had completely lost his sh*t.
  • Sage, the morgue had given him quite the dry look when he turned up with all those ROOT bodies in scrolls.

How could he blame himself for laughing? The past few weeks had been horrible.
He shouldn’t be alive.

He might as well laugh while he can.

Feeling slightly better, perhaps, he took a deep breath, choosing to focus on those little red-haired girls he and his team had rescued and brought back to Konoha after that mission with his sensei. The girls had been quickly adopted into the Akimichi clan and now were old enough to work at their seafood restaurant on the east side, part-time, when they weren’t attending culinary school.

That restaurant is still intact. Hmm. In fact, now that he considered it more, the entire Akimichi/Nara/Yamanaka complex of clan compounds (and most of their restaurants) survived the Nine-tails attack with nary a scratch, just as his home had. Damn.

He’d found Remi’s chakra all over not only the outside of his house, but also surrounding the homes of his neighbors. She’d put multiple shield seals on them. He wasn’t sure when she did it - and how is that possible? She was being monitored, 24/7! - but he needed to thank her. To question her about it.

No matter what the rumors were about her, he now needed to keep her here in Konoha, for her safety. Minato was the head of their little family, not that he expected Remi to acknowledge that. He remembered when Kakashi presented so young, right after Rin’s death; he’d called Minato and Kushina his “pack” for the first time in ages. Since Sakumo…

  • Don’t start thinking about him or Obito, he began chanting to himself.
    • He needed to talk to Remi.
    • He needed to ensure they got their stories straight!

He’d eventually had a heart-to-heart with his prodigious, self-flagellating student back then. That was right after Kushina and I lost our first child. Kakashi had jumped into ANBU assassinations and he’d had to track him down and nearly subdue the then nearly-15-year-old to ask if they had a problem, alpha to alpha.

“No, Sensei. No,” Kakashi swore, not meeting his eyes. “‘Course not.”

“Are you sure?” Minato asked in aggravation, wanting Kakashi to look at him, eye-to-eye. They were already the same height, which wasn’t surprising, considering how tall and broad Sakumo-sensei had been. “Because it seems, Kakashi-kun - Agent Hound - that you’re not obeying my direct orders to come to the house or to report to me. Additionally, you’ve not been reporting to the hospital after A & S-ranked missions, per protocol.” Kakashi clicked his tongue and Minato could see the outline of his upper lip pulling back behind his mask, but believed it was good that he was showing some emotion, even if it was irritation. “I’m not Hokage yet but…”

Kakashi shrugged, finally looking at him (although he did it like a defiant teenager which was... fine, honestly. And reality.)

“Maa. You’ll be on your own in the position next month.”

Minato huffed. “No. With… Kushina and my ‘recent distractions,’” Kakashi growled and Minato bobbed his head slowly in agreement. Calling Shina’s miscarriage a “distraction” as Hiruzen had was uncalled for, even if the man realized it and amended his words to say that he should spend more time at home with his grieving wife. “...Sandaime has decided to remain in the seat to apprentice me in the position for another year.”

“That’s bullsh*t,” Kakashi sneered, turning around sulkily. “Maybe he’s not so ready to leave the position and give up power after all.” He jumped up on the windowsill and Minato grabbed the back of his uniform, hauling his skinny butt back inside the office.

“We’re not done here,” Minato said and Kakashi looked a little cowed, at least. Crossing his arms over his chest, he tapped his finger against his bicep. “Is this an alpha thing?” Kakashi had only presented months before.

Kakashi rolled his eyes. “No! We’re… pack. And you’re… leader, right?”

Minato was: he was (or used to be) Sensei or Squad Captain, pure and simple. But they were both alphas now. “Am I?”

“Yes! …Yes, Yondaime-sama. …And you know I don’t care about that sh– stuff. It’s a pain.”

Minato was aware that Kakashi was having a hard time with his new designation. The overwhelming new smells, especially, were ‘killing’ his sensitive nose. “Maybe not now, Kakashi, but I can’t help but think you will in the future. You’ll have your own pack.” He wanted to nip this rebellion in the bud yet somehow ensure Kakashi would have a future.

Kakashi shrugged and curved his eye into an infuriating smile. “Maa. I wouldn’t concern yourself with such things.”

Minato grasped onto his former student’s ANBU vest as he tried to skulk off again and stared at his one remaining gray eye. He waited and waited and finally shook his head. “Explain.” Please don’t tell me you’re still trying to kill yourself through missions. “Why?”

Kakashi laughed bitterly. “The alpha thing? –Because I’m not fit for that. …For those… things.”


“Maa, Sensei,” Kakashi interrupted, swallowing thickly and looking away. “I’m just 14, ne?” he grinned. Minato scoffed, knowing that Kakashi was using HIS often-used argument to indicate that Kakashi was still a child, even if he was a registered shinobi. “Trying to give me so much responsibility,” he pretended to complain.

“I’m making you a captain come January 1st because you are a leader.” Jiraiya had joked about Hatakes (once upon a time) churning out alpha leaders like it was their birthright. But that didn’t matter. He just wanted Kakashi to live - and maybe even be happy one day. “You’ll be a good one!”

And he has been, never losing a squadmate since.

Kakashi made a noncommittal, questioning noise and looked upward. “I don’t know about that.”

Indeed, everything had changed.

If he allowed Kakashi to carry on with Remi, his former student would have his own mini-pack unless Remi kills him.

And of course, if I try to get between Kakashi and an omega I won’t fight to the death for, he’ll probably rip me to shreds.

Groaning, Minato was alerted that Hiruzen and Danzo had arrived at last and realized the thing with Kakashi and Remi didn’t matter. –Ha! Once Kushina found out, they were all dead meat anyway.


Before -


Omegas, Kakashi knew, were dangerous, unlike how they were often portrayed in romance novels or movies.
But he couldn’t control himself - or maybe he didn’t want to this time.

Found you."

Breathing hard, Kakashi went to pick up the trembling omega, shaking and more furious than he’d ever been in his life that she was hurt. His outburst of growling and KI, naturally, scared her and she backed away from him. “Shhhh. Shh. I’m sorry.” He wrapped his arms around her as he gently (and quickly) wrapped her in a towel. Like an insane person.

So out of his head, Kakashi didn’t realize she was pulling him into the shower more than he was pulling her out.

God, he was going to do terrible things to her. If she was down for it.
Or if she wasn’t. No; stop that! “You’re okay. I’ve got you.”

If I’m the one who’s got you, you're not ‘okay.’

The back of his mind might have been chanting at him to run, desperately trying to remind him of what a pitch-black hole of an asshole he was - and of what he’d learned from his grandfathers’ journals - but Kakashi couldn’t hear it. No, his instincts were overwhelming. The heat coming off his omega was incredible. He gasped when Remi stopped her cute growl/purring thing to warn him off and bashed her head into the shower wall, breaking the tile and wall behind it.

Oh, gods, he could TASTE her in the air. “Stop.” Panting, Remi let out a moan, curling into herself. Kakashi hadn’t even meant to use THAT voice but he did it again anyway, his tone dark and throaty. “You’re not allowed to hurt yourself.”

The omega let out a hysterical breathy laugh, then sighed and worked her tongue - oh, Kami - along the inside of her cheek, her forehead all red now. She was shaking all over and softly pounding her fist into the other wall, trying to keep it together even as she was bent over. “You did find me,” she said quietly, shivering and looking up at him with blazing but hooded eyes. “I saw you tear the others apart.”

Kakashi swallowed thickly, watching Remi as she held a soaking wet towel over her heaving breasts. As she moved to stand, it was slowly moving lower and lower; his Sharingan recording everything. She had pulled him into the shower but he wasn’t aware of the cold water as her eyes roved over his face. Keeping the towel up, she began gently washing the blood off of his arms.

Why was he dressed?

Remi was a beautiful woman - but normally Kakashi thought of her as more on the “cute” side of gorgeous or anything. With a strong and unreal body. But right now? All wet and looking at him like this? She was the most desirable, ethereal thing he’d ever seen, like some kind of exotic water goddess having come above sea level to drag him into the ocean’s depths. And again, her rich, now caramelly, tropical scent mixed with the scent of her arousal were killing him. Drowning him.

“I liked that,” she added. “That you did that. That you’re strong.”

He was going to die. His hard-on was so painful that he was rutting against nothing but his wet clothes and her slightly covered form. He pushed her against the tile, taking her chin in his hand, running his hand broadly down her throat, smirking down at her as his other hand moved down her slick waist and toward the small of her back. “Did you try to kill me in there?”

Her eyes dilated so much that they looked black, Remi smirked back at him and held her fingers up, her thumb and index finger a couple of millimeters apart. “A little.” She winked at him and tapped just below her eye, indicating his Sharingan. “Knew you’d see the seal.” She shivered violently. “Wanted everyone else to die, though.”

Kakashi leaned down into her hair, sniffing deeply near her swollen gland, and began kissing her there. “You had faith in my prowess.” It wasn’t a question. Remi dropped her towel and let out a whine, shaking and whimpering something under her breath about how empty she was. I can fix that. “You wanted me to find you,” he added darkly, breathing in harder. Remi sucked in a whine but was nodding miserably. She took a deep whiff of his chest. “Remi…”

“Alpha! God. You smell so good. Please.”

Kakashi fell to his knees, rubbing his rough hands up her sides, her curves, and scenting her, or trying to. He continued rubbing his head on her like a cat while she cried for him, having pulled his mask down and then pulled his gloves off. He turned the water off with one hand and trailed a heavy line up the dramatic curve of her waist, pulling her closer and licking a trail to her breast as he palmed her ass. Gods, she had a great ass and legs. Powerful.

Aaaand she was pushing her fantastic, heavy tit* into his hands. “You’re f*cking beautiful.”

“Alpha, please,” the omega begged, flipping loose curls of dark red, wet hair behind her back, her neck exposed in an act of submission so hot that Kakashi thought he might come before he even got his pants off.

“You want me?” he asked darkly, rolling a hard pebbled nipple between his fingers and pinching to get an answer. The omega’s knees buckled and quick as lightning, he picked her up, carrying her to whatever nearby horizontal surface he could find. He licked a wet circle around her areola before sucking it into his mouth as he moved through the house. Remi grabbed his head and cried out.

His alpha instincts were screaming at him to take her in the shower or on the sink - or on the floor - but the omega Remi had scrubbed herself raw. Plus she was otherwise hurt; he needed to be gentle.

He was not going to be gentle.

The words he growled just poured out of him thoughtlessly. “You want my knot?” Remi nodded eagerly, shakily (and desperately) trying to get at his erection. She whipped around, turning in his arms so that she was wrapped around him like a voluptuously hot koala. Kakashi let out a hiss as she ground down on him, throwing her head back again. Moaning. Hot.

Oh, f*ck, he was going to knot her, wasn’t he? He’d –obviously– never done that.

He was already hard as a rock, leaking, twitching, and feeling fatally desperate to sink into her. The way she smelled. Gods… He didn’t remember pulling down his mask but stalked forward like a panther, licking her tit* and up the side of her neck, and then suckled at her sweet scent gland, groaning when she cried out for more, begging him for relief. He felt her slick trail down her legs onto his arm and hand. Her little moans and the desperate way she held onto him were his further undoing. Swallowing hard, he laid her down and licked his lips. Licked his hand… He was ready to give his life for more of that taste.

He stopped, staring stupidly at her as the omega spread her legs, arched, and fingered herself on the bed, crying out for him. “f*ck.” This was mindblowing. Absolutely mindblowing. Kakashi snatched her hand away and dove into her puss* teeth first, grinning at the taste of… saltwater taffy? That wasn’t quite right but it was hard to think when his omega was pulling his hair while pushing his head down - and riding his face for all it was worth, squirming under him desperately. He sucked her cl*t into his mouth, snarling and flicking his tongue with no finesse, just biting and licking and eating and drinking... Remi came and seized, crying. Sobbing. Kakashi couldn’t think straight, but his Sharingan allowed him to predict and improve on what she liked by how she reacted. He continued to delve into her like a man starved, hands tight around her hips and licking her from the asshole up until she begged him for more and dragged him up and away by the hair.

“Not enough… Alpha. …I’m gonna - I’m gonna die. God… Just KILL me.” She tossed her head. "No! Dammit!" He didn’t understand what she cried after.

“I - hic - wanna go home!”

“f*ck no,” Kakashi swore. He jerked his pants down and lubed his co*ck up on the slick that just kept coming. “You want it, omega?”

The omega sucked in a breath, her pupils constricting and revealing the mystical violet of her irises. “I… have a name,” she panted angrily. Then she seized with pain again, baring her beautiful neck - before trying to grab his co*ck. Kami, she was all over the place! Kakashi snatched her hands away.

She was fighting herself or her instincts, huh?

And… Did she have a name? Yes, yes, she did: Kakashi knew it. And he’d agree to anything she wanted right now. “Remi, I’m gonna f*ck you. And I’m not gonna stop.” His omega got the cutest little smirk on her face, bringing out those irresistible dimples, and then tried to fight him for about five seconds until he began sinking into her. “Tight.”

He couldn’t think. He didn’t exist. Bliss… Utter... Suddenly it felt like HE was being penetrated. “OH, f*ck no.” Kakashi flinched back as the omega gasped and then cried for him to not leave her, eventually rolling up into a ball and covering herself. His heart was thundering in his chest and he felt sick. Angry. –No, furious! What the hell was that? He looked around the room, snarling and spitting, looking for a fight and ready to kill. He pulled down her cover, snatched her his way, and the Sharingan caught the seal above her breast, next to her collarbone.

So many seals, all over her… Mostly storage.

Kakashi’s gums and whole pelvis ached. He grabbed her shoulders, moving slowly up her neck, grasping it just until her eyes rolled back in her head. Finally, he cupped her cheeks, popping them a little. “Remi, I need you back… I need you to say yes and help me. Just for a minute, then I’ll take care of you, omega, I promise.”

The omega sniffled and looked up at him, so hurt-looking and meek that it made his heart melt. “You- you’re not mad? Because… You don’t want me?”

“No!” Kakashi misspoke. “I mean, yes, I… Um. I uh… f*ck. I– l—” I love you, he nearly added spontaneously, meaning it at that moment. f*ck, he was in trouble if he was thinking sh*t like that. “I will help you. I DO want you. But you have a seal on you that’s um…” He thought he caught the words “Rubber” and “Glue” as well as other kanjis disappearing into that seal near her shoulder when he touched her - but what the hell did that mean?

He let out an angry snarl, his lips pulling back to bear his teeth. Who the hell had put something like that on his omega?! “You have a seal on you that’s stopping us from being together.”

“No! I need it.” Kakashi growled at her and she… tried to bite him.

f*ck that’s hot. He was about to bite her back but stopped, cold, when he considered the bite marks on her wrist. Unable to breathe, beyond all levels of black-tar-envious that someone else had gotten her first and angry - mourning it - it took him several moments to comprehend that they were self-inflicted. Thank Kami…

“Wh– Where?” the omega was asking, panicked and running her hands over her body in search of a seal. She let out a delectable moan as she arched when they traveled over her breasts and hard nipples.

Kakashi’s chest rumbled, feeling dizzy and wishing they had time for him to enjoy watching her getting herself off. “Omega!”

“Alpha?” Remi purred, gracefully rising to her knees. It was all Kakashi could do to press her hand against where he’d seen the seal. His other hand found its way into her drooling c*nt.

She’s so weak right now. His finger sank in - just one - and he swore he saw stars. “You’re so… f*cking tight.” How was this even going to work?! And why did he feel like someone had a finger up a place he didn’t have? God, he was going to kill everyone but her! “Remi.” He forced her chin up and didn’t realize that his Sharingan had spun to put her in a genjutsu, to try to get through to her. A seal appeared on her forehead - in the shape of an eyeball. It began to spin. WTF?! “Remove that seal.”

Crazy Uzumakis!

Remi whimpered and went through a few very sloppy and slow hand seals, looking terrified yet… defiant. Her eyes welled up with tears and she let out a hiss - and then laughed miserably.

"Kami," Kakashi worried. "Are you okay?"

Weapons, scrolls, and paraphernalia eventually fell out all around them, and Kakashi couldn’t wait anymore.

Then (salt)water trumpets had shot out of her feet? For f*ck’s sake!

He shoved some crap away, not wanting her to get hurt, and grasped her wrists again, rubbing her scent glands there roughly. Remi cried out, arching and begging for my knot. But she was so small and insanely tight. He caught one of her ankles and grabbed her other leg, hoisting her up. “Stay there. Stop the water seal.”

“Help me,” she whimpered, tossing her head this way and that. “f*ck me,” she demanded. “Al~pha!”

“End that… water seal! …Good girl,” he praised with an exasperated, disbelieving laugh when the water tapered off. He rubbed his co*ck up and down her slit again, smirking as he tortured her a little, repeatedly raking it over her cute little swollen cl*t and making her shout. “Such a pretty c*nt. You’re f*cking beautiful, you know that?”

“Put it…in!”

He grabbed the back of her neck to take control. “Gonna… Make it… Mine.” He let out a guttural moan as he continued to carefully sink in, snarling when he hit a spot that stopped him. Remi let out a pained little sound but wiggled, forcing him through it until he was buried to the hilt.

  • For the first time ever.
  • She took all of him.

“f*ck. So…” f*ck, it was so indescribable. His co*ck wrapped in the hot, tight, juicy f*cking fertile omega who smelled like nothing his wet dreams had even tried to conjure. Cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, caramel, and sex… “Oh, God.” He pulled out and pushed himself inside her again, dragging the motions out. “You’re f*cking mine. …I’m gonna keep you with me,” he chanted as he continued to thrust in and out of her. “Gonna f*ck you whenever I want. …Whenever you want. All the f*cking time. …My c*nt now. I’m… I’m gonna… destroy it. Shape it… to my co*ck.”

Oh, f*ck… Kakashi had some pride, he was not going to come that fast no matter how good this was! He gritted his elongated teeth and pulled out again, snarling at his omega when she tried to grab at him. He thrust back into her, nice and slow and hard, smiling when she tried to grab for his ass, quietly whining, pleading with him to go faster. “Stay there and take what I give you.” His instincts were screaming at him to protect and shield her, though. Dominate her. He grabbed her wrists and kept her ankles on his shoulders. “Let me… hear you.”

“Alpha!” Remi cried out - and then snarled at him, biting his chin and making him hiss and plow into her harder. She was meeting him thrust for thrust, arching her back madly. Her slick was running down…. “Gonna kill you,” she hissed and then, “YES!” Her puss* began clenching around him hard enough that he saw black --and maybe God. “Oh, f*ck YES! Right there!”

Kakashi wasn’t sure how many times he rocked into her, getting sloppier and more erratic as she came and came and came - and then it was like lightning ran from the arches of his feet up the inside of his legs, strangling his balls and co*ck.

“Just like that! Don’t stop!”

“I’m gonna… come.” Actually, Kakashi thought he might die: his lightning affinity taking the ultimate revenge on his junk.

Remi broke her legs away from his shoulders, tilting her pelvis just so, and wrapped her ankles around his waist. “f*cking hell,” he heard himself drawl. He pressed his pelvis more against her cl*t as he moved - and felt that lightning from before tightly gripping the base of his co*ck as Remi came again. She shuddered all over, her c*nt pulsing tightly around him. And then he swelled. “Oh, gods…”

MY woman.
My personal little whor*.
My partner.

“My lover,” he whispered shakily (and utterly involuntarily,) sucking the words in and never having experienced anything like this. He held his omega’s wrists down as he continued to knot her good. She had been crying out and trying to get away until all the fight just bled out of her. Kami, she looked so beautiful like this.

“Alpha,” she breathed, her c*nt milking him out of more cum than he’d ever shot. He reached down to feel her swollen abdomen, appreciating her incredible tit* with a few kisses, sucks, and licks. f*ck, he could see and feel his dick bulging high inside of her as he filled her good and well. The pressure he placed with the flat of his hand must’ve felt good to her there, too, because Remi was ooo-ing and ahh-ing with cries of yes! and wiggling around as much as he allowed - and then she was coming again.

His knot seemed to go on forever, and he came again with nearly every little move or twitch she made.

Then Remi was purring under him like a cat.

Just for fun, he’d rub her cl*t in circles and send them both into additional fits.
Goddamn. He loved to tease and f*ck with her.

He felt a slight change in his body and desperately tried to wedge further inside of her although they were flush. They were one, knotted tight. He grabbed her chin, tilting it up so she would look into his eyes. “You better get ready because you are MINE now, omega. I’m not letting anyone ever touch you but me,” he added darkly. Feeling overwhelmed and full, he collapsed on her. He felt delicate fingers carding through his hair as he sucked at her delicious scent gland.

It was all beyond anything he’d ever imagined or hoped for. He wanted to stay forever despite not deserving any of this. Not deserving her. He closed his eyes and tried to get his breathing under control. His heart was still beating wildly in his chest.

“Hate that you’ve got clothes on,” she whimpered against his ear, making him shiver and try to grind against her. His omega let out a moan and lifted her knees, pulling them back.

Kakashi groaned at the sight of her gorgeous, plush tit* pushed together, and couldn’t f*cking believe that she could move like that with him bound inside her.

“Mmmm,” she hummed, licking her lips and shuddering so good it made him shoot more ropes of come into her.

So damn good. Kakashi felt like he was in a trance; like he could do no wrong; like he wasn’t… Kakashi, even as his Sharingan recorded everything. He wanted to get and be better at this for her. “My gorgeous girl…”

“You’re… Hmm,” she said dreamily as she smiled at him, her eyes fully taking in his face. It made him a little uncomfortable but there was nothing for it. No one had seen his face in over a decade until today.

“You’re cute.”

Kakashi grinned and felt his cheeks and ears heat up. Guess she doesn’t mind the teeth.

“We’re all wet,” she added, pouting.

“Yeah.” His ass was probably freezing but the rest of him was hot, buried in ecstasy. He wasn’t going to complain.


Kakashi pushed up on his elbow to see what his omega had to say, his other hand devoted to her nipples. To her pleasure. Remi arched more, letting out a hot moan, and looking sublime. The apples of her cheeks turned pink as she stared at him - and then turned scarlet. But her next words felt innocent. “You’re um… really big.” She looked him up and down. “And ripped!”

Kakashi grinned at her and then kissed her once, twice, three times -and then parted her lips and licked into her as if he owned her. Which he did - or he would. He grinned stupidly when he finally came up and realized she had begun pouting again.

“I… Your clothes hurt,” she admitted softly, seeming pained about it.

Kakashi sighed, knowing that was an omega trope. So it’s true, huh? They didn’t feel good on him either, especially since they were soaking wet. “Maa, then we can’t have that, can we?” He pushed up and then stared at the way they were joined. His knot was huge and his sweet little omega was shivering under him, sighing and still pretty riled up. He reached down and wrapped his arms around her small waist, turning them over and standing up. “Hold on.” His omega was either giggling or moaning - back and forth (and sucking on his neck) - as he struggled to get out of everything else, including his sandals. He snorted when he realized that they’d completely flooded the room and bed with that seal.

“Mmmmm. Oh, alpha…”

His eyes rolled back in his head as Remi clenched around him again, letting out a whine and throwing her head back. He grabbed her ass hard and nearly sank his teeth into her gland, only stopping at the last second and wondering how he was going to get through this rut without marking her.

But she was his. Anything else was inconceivable.

What? Was he going to let her go to another alpha? The mere idea made him madly aggressive. Some lesser alpha like Gai? –No offense– Or Genma? Or Asuma?

f*ck them. She was HIS.

Remi shivered and Kakashi harshly kissed her, the thought of another man having her made him… crazy. She was right about the clothes so he made a clone behind her back. He came up panting for air as the clone helped him get undressed, beginning with his sandals, calling him a lucky bastard. It’s the first time one’s ever called me that.

Remi groaned as he moved, throwing her head back and then glancing over at his clone curiously. Kakashi’s gums ached. She really needed to stop baring her neck like that! The omega then looked back at him with lidded, warm, dazed eyes. “Is he going to f*ck me, too?” Kakashi laughed out loud.

He might have just fallen in love.

His clone, on the other hand, eagerly nodded yes, so he dispelled the cheeky sh*t, getting the rest of the way out of his pants and bandages on his own. Remi held onto him tightly, making pleased little sounds, giggling, or rubbing her head all over his face and shoulders. Marking me. It made him smile and feel incredibly warm. His heart felt full - which for a few minutes made him think he was someone else. “Let’s… get out of here.”

He took her to another room and sat down on a much nicer (and dry) bed, wondering how long this could last. His omega bit his earlobe and whispered something insane into his ear.

“Feels so good. I’m - hmmm,” she cooed thoughtfully, “gonna live on your knot, I think.” Kakashi chuckled and told her that was just fine. “This body’s never been with anyone before, ya know? It’s… different. Better. –Far better.” She ducked her head and blushed. Then she hugged him and bit his neck.

Kakashi frowned. He blinked several times. “You’re a… I thought you were a seduction specialist.”

The omega began laughing hard enough that it triggered him to come yet again. So f*cking good - but… But… “Wait." Did he understand what she said correctly? "You’re a virgin?”

The omega looked back at him with hooded eyes and pink cheeks, raising a red eyebrow a little dryly, glancing down at their joined bodies. “Not anymore.”

A virgin?! Kakashi began reeling, wondering if Remi truly consented to this. He couldn’t remember; only recalled Remi fighting her instincts (and occasionally hissing that she was going to murder him) before she’d try to drag him back down, deeper within her. He felt his knot begin to shrink (even that felt incredible; he was f*cking sensitive) and his omega Remi whimpered, clutching onto him tighter.

“Alpha,” she whined. “Stay!”

Kakashi shushed her, petting her sides and hair. Through so much guilt, he managed to get out, “Can’t help it.”

“Mou. You’ll do it again, though, right?” she asked in a whisper.

Sucking in a long, deep breath, Kakashi felt like he had control again. That his heart could finally beat again. He tried to calm himself. She did want this. He hadn’t forced her. “In a bit.”

“Okay,” his omega pouted. “Just… hurry.”

Kakashi couldn’t help it; he snickered, stopping on his way to the shower to turn back around. He decided to lay her down on the bed. He pulled out of her with a long hiss (Remi cried which sent him on another battle with how much he hated himself.)

She whined and shivered, focusing back in on him when he raked his fingers against her weeping c*nt.

Kami, she looked good like this, his cum running out of her. He scooped some up and rubbed his cum into her swollen, sensitive scent glands.

It needed to be done. Maybe it wasn’t normal but it made him feel much better.

Her breasts were just so big for her small frame and heavy, yet perky somehow - and pretty, so he figured he’d better do those, too. And she arched for him; so lovely. Plus she needed it in her wrists, under her arms, over her torso, all along her sides… The omega watched curiously as he continued… probably being weird, carefully rubbing it into her skin, occasionally licking or sucking it off of her, too. (It wasn’t that bad, probably because she was so f*cking delicious.) She eventually smiled up at the ceiling, allowing him this.

“Mmm. I smell like you now.”

Kakashi’s eyes went even more hooded. “Yes, you do.”

“I don’t like being sticky. BUT… It makes me happy,” she said, closing her eyes, "that you want me to smell like you."

“Good …Now spread your legs for me.” He watched as his cum continued to flow out of her glorious c*nt, he felt his blood heat like magma.

Kakashi wasn’t sure how long it went on, but was dizzy from his Sharingan usage so it must’ve been hours or days. f*cking rut. There were almost no breaks between them; both of their bodies’ biologies egging the other on to higher heights. He’d always spent his ruts alone before…

“So damn good for me, omega.”

The round-the-clock sex got so bad that Remi eventually lost consciousness on his knot. Having easily arranged her small body so that he could lie down, he dragged his hand through her wild hair. Remi’s normally carefully arranged curls were all frizzed out thanks to his thorough f*cking. He closed his eyes, knowing that he had dove straight in and was now beyond attached.

No one else could do what she could.

What? Was he supposed to go back to not being able to bury himself completely in some nameless person who couldn’t handle him? Who didn’t cling to him, bite him, and make him feel desperately desired as she did? Someone whose smiles didn’t ring true, and who didn’t say the things that Remi did?

“But I like it when you talk dirty.”
“I think my chains were made for bondage, though.”

f*ck. He’d gotten attached to her even before her heat! He’d genuinely enjoyed their dates no matter how much he told himself they were fake and that he didn’t deserve them. She made them easy. He’d enjoyed Remi’s bullsh*t and simply trying to figure out the puzzle that was… Ugh… The puzzle that is Kushina-nee’s sister.

What have I done?
Kushina’s going to chain me and beat me up if she doesn’t realize that this was a medical emergency.

“Medical emergency,” he snorted to himself. As if I didn’t want to kiss and f*ck her from the very beginning. Now, like a noob, he wanted to hold her hand.

He looked down at her again and took her small hand, doing just that (and wishing he’d propped himself up on multiple pillows so that he could better see her ass. Maybe we can put a mirror on the ceiling.)

Remi… She was amazing!

BUT omegas - or atypical omegas - were inherently dangerous…

Years ago, before he could afford an apartment, he’d been forced to stay in his old childhood home - or in the neglected Hatake compound, anyway. He hated it there, after what his father had done, but got stuck, forced to be there for weeks after breaking his femur. Once he’d escaped the hospital (Kakashi also loathed hospitals,) he had nowhere to go. I refused to associate with Father’s Genin team any more than I had to back then. Desperate to have something occupy his mind and an avid reader, he went through the family library and finally moved on to his grandfathers’ journals.

His alpha grandfather, Hatake Sora, had been the Chief of the Howling Wolf Village, their pack’s Alpha. From what he wrote, Sora had loved his (beta) wife dearly. She’d died in childbirth, but her son, Hatake Sakumo, survived. Sora-ojii had been devastated. Then, only months later, he met Senju Tobirama, an omega-in-hiding, who’d been in heat.

To say Sora blindly fell in love immediately, head first, diving straight into a long, mated relationship was putting it mildly. Grandpa Sora became “instantly” obsessed with Tobirama. He even left his village with a few cousins to move to Konoha after following the omega everywhere else.

Their love story had made him embarrassingly sick warm although he always covered a masked smile as he read through their goofy observations of each other. Hatake Sora had turned from a powerhouse of a stern shinobi into what sounded like a simpering, lovesick, poetry-writing fool - at least in his journals. Kakashi knew that the man was S-ranked until the day he died, so it’s not like he lost his prowess. Just his head or his heart.

Tobirama-ojii, er- Lord Second, however, had not fallen so quickly. No, even after he’d been marked, he’d tried like hell to argue with and run from his fated mate. Sora wouldn’t have it, though - and from what he read, it sounded like Tobirama just gave up, no longer running away, mainly because he wanted to get on with his life!

Surprisingly told in the journals - and this was something he never heard before - Lord First, his adopted grandfather’s brother, met an omega while happily married to Lady Mito - and fell madly in love and tried to marry her, too. –Which was highly illegal back then in the villages. His brother’s earlier “not-so-temporary omega-inflicted insanity,” as Tobirama put it, had made him especially wary of Sora’s advances.

Eventually, they found real happiness but they went through a lot. Kakashi looked down at Remi when she let out a happy purr as she came to and wondered if history was repeating itself. “I don’t want to fall for you.”

“Mmmm,” she responded with a sleepy grin, probably readying up for more. She was insatiable. “That’s good.”

Kakashi’s eye twitched. Well, hell. That got him a little fired up! “You love me,” he challenged. Remi tensed and was silent for several seconds before relaxing again.

“Mmm. I love your co– *ahem* –your body,” she half-agreed with a snarky grin, her beautiful eyes still closed.

f*ck. That wasn’t enough.

Kunai to the Plot: Redo - Chapter 35 - Ameterasu53 (2024)
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