Naruto: Konoha 12 - Chapter 5 - Spiderling77 (2024)

Naruko nodded and gave a wide smile. “Well, not that great, but Kakashi taught me a super cool jutsu!” She exclaimed. The clone training method wasn't as good for learning the basics, but it was amazing for speedrunning learning new jutsus.

“Oh, what is it?” The redhead asked with a curious tone.

“Jejejeje,” Naruko muttered, got away from her boyfriend a few steps, and began to weave hand signs.

Ryuko quickly went into a defensive stance, but it was too late. “Twin Wild Lion's Mane Technique!” The girl exclaimed, and her blonde twin pig tails shot toward Ryuko. The pair of golden tendrils coiled around his body as they grew multiple times their size and behaved like a pair of living snakes.

The redhead tried to break free, but the blonde rope kept him restrained. “Nice, this mixed with your clones can leave the enemy open for any attack,” he complimented Naruko as she got near him slowly, a terrifying smug expression drawing on her face.

“Can you let me go now?” He asked with a worried smile since they were kind of in public near the village.

Naruko shook her head, her hair still firmly grappling Ryuko in place. “Nah, I don't think I will . . .” she finally said, ready to have some fun with the real one and not some clones.

Satsuki was having a hard time learning the tree-climbing exercise. Mostly because the image of Ryuko f*cking Tsunami, who looked like her mother, was engraved in her mind. It was something that filled her with a mixture of hate and disgust. She was sure that Ryuko had planned all of this.

The redhead made enough noise to catch her attention and decided to f*ck the person who looked almost like her mother. How did he know that? Those damn bastards of the Kuroi clan must have had more intel than she knew. It must be all a plan to sabotage her growth so they could get rid of her when the time was right.

“Why can't I focus?!” Satsuki barked as she fell from the tree again late at night, with Kakashi reading a book beside her.

Kakashi rolled his eyes. “Did you see something that disturbed you?” The man asked, knowing well that it was a problem of the sharingan.

“Yes! Is there no way I can forget something that I saw with my sharingan?” Satsuki asked, tired of each time that she closed her eyes, that image assaulted her mind. From those massive balls clenching to the sem*n overflowing that puss*. It was like constant torture. She did not need more traumatic images in her mind.

"Sadly, no. You will learn to live with it,” Kakashi answered with an honest tone. That was the curse of the sharingan.

Satsuki took a deep breath and nodded. If she could withstand the memories of the massacre of her clan, she could endure this. “Dammit,” she cursed for herself and kept training, letting the pain, the sweat, the tears, and the blood take over her mind instead of those images.

Sakura was in pain. The girl had mastered the tree-climbing exercise really early, but now there was nothing else she could do. She wanted to show Ryuko that she wasn't useless to shut up that bratty mouth, but Kakashi didn't seem that interested in teaching her.

“Come on, teacher! There must be a way that I can become stronger!” She begged Kakashi while he was chopping some wood for the camp.

The man rubbed his chin; she had good chakra control, so there was an easy solution for that. "Hmmmmmmmm, you could learn genjutsu,” he suggested with a calm tone.

Sakura scoffed for that suggestion, against a byakugan user she would always lose the fight. She didn't only want to become better than Ryuko; she wanted to humiliate him. To make him pay for what his birth had done to her family. The scorn burned deep in the girl; if it wasn't for the redhead, she would have a family to get back to when she returned from the mission. That cold house filled with deafening silence was his fault, and she wanted to make him pay. Even if it didn't make sense, she knew that someone had to pay for that crime.

“I'm not interested in it,” Sakura muttered. She was expecting something better, something stronger.

Kakashi let out a deep sigh. They didn't pay him enough for this sh*t. “Well, what about . . .” the man said, looking around the camp for ideas until eventually they reached the wooden ax he was holding.

“This is an ax. Bukijutsu may be what you need,” the ninja finally said, running out of ideas.

Sakura perked her eyes. “Yes . . . I can see this working,” she admitted, interested in the concept. Using weapons could give her the advantage she was searching for. After all, the byakugan users were all about getting up close and personal, but Ryuko couldn't learn the gentle fist. With a proper tool, she could have the advantage.

Tsunami started her long weeks of training in a state of shock. After their first mating session in the bathroom, she woke up in her bed with her puss* sore and her legs in such a state that her son asked, “Why are you walking funny, Mom?” She tried to repress the memory and imagine that it was all a dream, as her mind was unable to react to that event. However, the next night, Ryuko attacked again.

She tried to resist, but the boy quickly made sure to eat her puss* for the first time in her life. The redhead made her moan and scream while licking her lower lips and pulling out her cl*t, pinching and rubbing it until she squirted all over the bed. Then it came the f*cking; he always focused on her mouth and tit*. Of course, Ryuko gave her a huge load in her puss* each time, but the widow always ended the night with a stomach full of Uzumaki seed.

As the days passed, Tsunami was in denial. This couldn't be happening; a young boy like him should not be in love with her mature body. However, the more he f*cked her, the more she began to get conditioned. Each time that she saw Ryuko, the phantom stench and flavor of his seed assaulted her senses. It became almost a reflex, especially since the boy was getting more and more bold with each passing day.

Ryuko taught her the pleasure of his hands, groping her tit* and ass all the time in public places. From when she was cooking to when she was talking with her son from behind. Even when she was scolding her son for being such a brat with the guests, Ryuko was behind Tsunami, firmly grabbing her asscheeks. Of course, she got angry with him, and she yelled at the ninja, trying to stand her ground and draw a line. What did she get? Being f*cked even harder.

He abused her, slapping her tit* and making sure she knew her place while his sem*n put down any flame of rage or rebellion inside her. The worst part was that Tsunami was loving that rough f*cking. From the full Nelson against one of the house windows to the doggy style that left her body covered in bite marks.

She then tried to bargain with the ninja, saying that he needed to take it easy, that her body couldn't handle all of this, and that he should focus on training. Ryuko rewarded her by always sending a shadow clone to f*ck her. Now she almost couldn't do the house chores without getting a dick in her mouth and puss*. It was a constant assault all the time, melting her brain into a submissive whor*.

At the start of the third week, Ryuko was too busy, even with his clones, to take care of her for only ONE day. That was horrible; she even felt depressed for the first time in a long time as her body craved the taste of his cum. She just wanted to fill her stomach and nostrils with that virile and young seed again.

The straw that broke her back was when she finally got a pregnancy test and tested positive. This was it; she was pregnant with Ryuko's children. Her life was completely changed by the ninja, and she could only accept her destiny. Tsunami wanted to be mad, to be sad, to be in despair, to cover her mouth with disbelief as tears ran down her face. However, the mother could only smile and bite her lower lip.

Tsunami was lying belly up on her bed, her body completely naked, filled with bite marks on her breasts, red pubic hairs in her mouth, and sem*n oozing from her gaping puss*.

“So, are you really going to come with me and leave your drunken father and whiny boy to come back with me and become my permanent sex maid?” Ryuko asked with a bratty tone while sitting on the bed, ready to take this woman with him.

“But Gato is still alive . . .” she mumbled, her mind still foggy from the org*sm she just got.

The redhead chuckled. There was this wave of relief and pride in him for breaking his first woman. “Fine, I will kill him, and then you will come with me,” Ryuko finally said with an evil smile on his lips.

“I . . . ” Tsunami began to mumble before her master talked again.

“Just say that you are taking a job as my secretary; I will send a lot of money to this place so you don't have to worry,” the Uzumaki said, giving her no excuses to become his seedbed for the rest of her life.

A small tear came out of her eye. “Thanks,” Tsunami muttered with a smile on her broken face.

“Thanks, what?” Ryuko asked with a serious tone.

“Thanks, master . . .” the pregnant woman answered while making a small heart-shaped gesture with her hands over her lower belly.

Ryuko patted her head and gave her a happy grin. “Good girl,” he finally said.

The time was getting near. The bridge was about to be finished and they were running out of time. Zabuza knew that Gato would send his mercenaries just before the bridge was built so this was the last they had to strike. The man, already able to walk, gathered with Haku and Ryuko outside the village as they got ready for their mission.

“Are you not gonna help?” Ryuko asked, using a basic henge to change his appearance to look exactly like Haku just in case there were some witnesses after they were done.

Zabuza shook his head. “Take this as your last test,” the man said and then made a small smile.

“So hey, when the time comes, and if you are a proper ninja I would like to request your assistance on the assassination of Yagura Karatachi,” the ninja asked, prideful about his work. Those two boys in front of him were oozing with talent, works of art he had carefully crafted, and tools for his future goal.

Ryuko raised an eyebrow under his mask. “That is a really risky task. What would be the reward?” He asked with a curious tone.

“I will give you one favor. Cannot be getting the 3-tail beast, anything else goes,” Zabuza said. Corpses, secret hidden jutsu, weapons, for his assistance, if everything went right, he could give anything to Ryuko for his help.

Ryuko stopped to think for a second. This was a huge task; killing a kage and a jinchuriki wasn't a joke. However, the boy couldn't help but be hyped by the idea. Such a wonderful battle that would be. Also, with this, he ensures that the mist village will be in the hands of a possible ally, increasing the future power of the leaf.

“Deal, but I will choose my reward later,” the boy said, as he wasn't sure what to ask for this favor.

Zabuza nodded. “Fair, now go there and complete your task,” the man ordered, sending the two young boys to kill Gato.

“It will be done,” Ryuko muttered, and the duo began to run toward the mansion of that criminal lord covered by the dark of night.

At 3 a.m. in the night, the duo reached Gato's heavily fortified mansion. Surrounded by a big forest and built beside a huge river, the place was really massive. Two layers of walls with moats between them divided the exterior from the buildings that hosted what seemed to be a small army of bandits, and finally the inner keep where their target was.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Chapter 5 - Spiderling77 (1)

Haku and Ryuko stood outside the fortress, hiding inside the trees, as the humidity of the environment on this hot night made an excellent setup for their assassination. Well, a storm or rain would also really help them, but beggars couldn't be choosers.

Without wasting time, the redhead activated his byakugan. The boy's range wasn't enough to see even past the second wall, but it was enough for him to get a general idea about the layout of the place with the information that Haku was giving him. There were four barriers between him and Gato.

The first one was the exterior wall. A thick layer of gray stone and blue roof tiles with a dozen watchtowers on top that held a guard on each of them. The barrier was not hard to break, and with the water outside it, he could easily use water jutsus to take down the guards and proceed to the next one.

The second one was a lot more complex. It was an encampment of bandits getting drunk or sleeping that were living in between the two walls. Sneaking across them would not be a problem if it weren't for the sheer number of them; there were more than 200 men armed and waiting for them. They were normal bandits, but with those numbers . . . it would be a problem if they got caught.

The third barrier was the wall separating the main building from the courtyard. Smaller than the first one but filled with mercenaries that weren't as useless as the bunch of drunks on the previous barrier. Killing a target and taking his form would be hard, but sneaking around without using the hidden mist technique would be really hard.

The fourth and final barrier were both of Gato's bodyguards. Two samurai would be a problem fighting them individually, but the pair together could be a danger. Mostly because they could make time for the rest of the guards to arrive and put Ryuko in an uncomfortable situation. If there was a moment to go all out and turn on the alarms, it was when fighting those two to quickly kill them and then deal with Gato.

There was also an extra mission inside Ryuko's head. If he wants to get access to all of Gato's fortune and have his family help him take over, he would need all of that man's records and deeds. They should be inside the main building, but searching for them would take some time. Killing all the goons, doing this without getting caught, or even trying to just withstand the avalanche of bandits while searching for it were all options that Ryuko could take.

The first thing they had to decide was Haku's role in this whole deal. Ryuko knew that he could take on this task alone, but it would be kind of rude not to allow a tool to do its job.

Ryuko had a plan, and for that, he didn't need Haku's interference. “Stay outside and kill any enemy that manages to escape,” the redhead muttered. The boy really wanted avoid witness from this attack in order to not get into trouble if Konoha asked some questions after he was done.

“What would you do?” Haku asked, focusing on the mission before him, which used to be just a tool without opinions.

“I can make a total of six shadow clones that each can cast Ninjutsu,” Ryuko answered, explaining his plan. With his massive chakra reserves and the fact that there was water nearby, this jutsu was a piece of cake. After the mist was set up, he just needed to dismiss the clones to regain that chakra.

“I will use the water of the moats to create a massive mist jutsu around the fortress to cover my tracks. With four of them on each corner of the fortress, it will be enough,” he added with a calm and dry tone, even if he had a nervous smile under his mask. This was extremely exciting to him—the same kind of rush of adrenaline he got when the boy saw Naruko bending over the fridge months ago.

The other ninja nodded. “I understand,” he said, as Haku also had a similar strategy. The ninja would also use clones to cover the most amount of terrain possible and silently kill any bandit that wanted to run.

“And Haku,” Ryuko said, almost as if he was forgetting something.

The boy raised an eyebrow under his mask. “Yes?” he asked again, his tone calm and somber.

“Good luck,” Ryuko finally said before rushing to his target.

“T-Thanks,” Haku mumbled, taken aback by those words.

Ryuko activated his byakugan and then summoned his shadow clones. Four of them went to each corner of the forest and began to cast Hidden in the Mist, creating this colossal wave of mist that slowly engulfed the whole fortress, limiting vision to just a few meters as long as you were on the outside. The other two transformed into a pair of shurikens he saved inside his pocket to use just in case.

With everything set up, the ninja ran across the wall of one of the towers and quickly climbed without making a single sound. The only sliver of noise that he made was the bubbling sound of the slashed artery from the guard he murdered with his kunai. It was his first time killing someone, and for some reason, it felt . . . good. It felt exciting; this whole deal was making the boy almost giggle with happiness. Being so focused on the mission in this live or die task made the whole world less scary, and all those worries about the past and future were just banished. He was 100% focused on the now, and that lifted that massive weight from his shoulder, giving him the joy of freedom as long as his life was on the line.

Ryuko quickly hid the corpse inside one of his storage scrolls, and then hengen into that guard, taking his shape. The boy's plan was simple: use that guard to disguise himself and infiltrate the castle.

He took the form of a middle-aged man with dark brown hair and a goatee, with a big scar in the middle of his face and a loose kimono that held a katana at his waist. Ryuko then began to walk down the tower, trying to act normally to not raise any suspicion.

Under the tower, there were at least five other mercenaries hanging around a table, playing dice late at night. The redhead hoped that they were too focused on their game to pay any attention to him. He could have just jumped out of the tower and sneaked inside the country yard, but maybe someone from the inner wall could see him; the mist had not fully reached that part of the mansion.

“Hey, Satoshi!” One of them yelled, catching the boy off guard.

“Yes?” He asked, having no idea about the personality of this man. Ryuko hoped that he wouldn't be in any direct talks. Thanks to his amazing chakra control, the copy was perfect, but now what was put to the test were his acting skills.

“What are you doing outside of your post?” The mercenary playing dice asked.

Ryuko's byakugan was trying to find a way out. There were a few men outside the tower, so it was to avoid making a mess. “You caught me; I was getting something to drink to pass the time. It is boring as f*ck up there,” he said with a calm tone, trying to play it lightly.

One of the guards chuckled. “Dude, you just went for a drink an hour ago. Do you even remember who Kyoko is at this point?” He asked, inadvertently placing Ryuko in a stupidly hard position. He didn't know who Kyoko was.

Ryuko needed to answer that question; it would be incredibly suspicious if he didn't. But what were the chances? There were three possibilities: a mother, a wife, or a sister. Judging by the man's age, it was possible that his mother was alive, and every single person had a mother, so that was his best bet. “Well . . . yes! My mother!” He exclaimed, almost reaching the door outside.

There was a second of silence. “It was your sis-” Before the bandit could finish his sentence, a Kunai flew to his forehead, killing him in the act as half of it penetrated his skull.

“Intruder!” Another screamed, raising the alarm as Ryuko unsealed a smoke bomb from his armband and flooded the small room with purple smoke. Now that only he could see, there were a few options.

It was a dire situation where Ryuko needed to act very fast. The boy would die, no matter if he was a ninja; there were too many enemies. He had a limited amount of stamina, and his skills were not perfect; every single cut and every single attack would build up and eventually make him commit a mistake. This mistake would evolve into a wound that would make him worse and worse; it would be a snowball effect that would put an end to his life. The best and most logical option was to just run.

That would be what a loser would think. What kind of ninja would just let something as stupid as the almost assured risk of death stop him? There was a chance, and if there wasn't one, he would make one; there were no excuses.

The top priority for Ryuko was conserving chakra, no matter what, so it was time for his kunai to do most of the work. Enraptured by the blinding smoke and using his byakugan to be the only one able to see in that purple hell, he began to attack vital points as Shizune had taught him with the silent movements that Zabuza had trained him.

In a few seconds, the room was silent, but the outsiders were already alert. However, the mist had already covered the main yard, and there were 200 bandits outside the room. None of them could see Ryuko, but Ryuko could see them. A malignant grin possessed the boy's face under his mask; it was time to have a real fight.

He dismissed the clones outside and recreated them inside the small room as he dropped his henge. Now there were 200 vs 5, still unfair for them.

A massive explosion blew up the door, creating a barrage of splinters that impacted the few brave ones trying to enter the room. From it, the clones burst like the wave of calamity they were.

Screams and howls of horror quickly flooded the whole mansion as it was a unilateral battle. Ryuko and his copies used the byakugan and the mist to their full extent, becoming a one-person army. Clusters of explosive seals were triggered to deal with the bigger mobs of ruffians or the ones hidden inside buildings, while a quick kunai or shuriken to the neck was reserved for the most dexterous ones.

They tried to fight back, to swing their weapons into the air, or to shoot their arrows toward where Ryuko supposedly was, but how could you hit a ghost that couldn't be seen or heard? The only trails he left behind were people bleeding out their necks or burned corpses as the fire began to engulf the whole mansion.

The mist even began to be tainted red as the red light of fire and ashes mixed with the droplets of water, filling the air with the rusty stench of iron, fire, and gunpowder. However, in that hell that Ryuko had created, even if he was covered in sweat as his muscles began to hurt and his lungs were begging for a rest, he felt . . . happy as a kid playing with a new toy.

The few dozen survivors managed to run towards the main building and just barricade there. They moved all the furniture toward the doors and windows, trying to make it impossible for the ninja to sneak on them as all of them were in a circular formation, watching each others backs in the main hall.

“What the hell is this man?! Zabuza betrayed us?!” One of them screamed, his trembling hands almost being unable to hold his sword as his nostrils were filled with the stench of burned flesh, and his mind was assaulted by the screams echoing inside his head.

Another one scoffed at the notion. “Don't be an idiot! He died against the copy ninja! The town must have hired a ninja village to kill Gato!” He yelled back, trying to think about a way to overcome this situation. There was a hidden escape tunnel in the basem*nt of this place; maybe if he rushed toward it . . .

“With what money?!” The first one barked back before a barrage of shurikens flew across the small holes they didn't manage to cover with the furniture across one of the windows.

“Shurikens!” One screamed as the mist began to bleed inside the room from that wound on the building.

A wave of relief coursed across the criminals as those weapons did not explode. “He must have run out of explosives . . .” the coward muttered and then saw his whole life flashing before his eyes.

In a puff of smoke, one of the shurikens turned into the masked ninja. “Indeed, I did,” Ryuko said with a teasing tone before unleashing a final smoke bomb inside the room.

Ryuko took a deep breath, his body drenched in blood and gore as his lungs burned with exhaustion. His whole body was itching since he only had ¼ of his chakra left. This took a lot out of him; he wasn't hurt, but his stamina was almost depleted. With his hands shaking from a mixture of excitement and tiredness, he dropped his now dull kunai to the floor and began to analyze what to do next.

Gato was twenty meters above him, in a big office room surrounded by two samurai. There was only one entrance and a window that was now closed.

The redhead licked his lips as he could imagine the sweet song that the hearts he was seeing were making.

Ryuko took one of the soldier pills he had stored for moments like this. It would be a hell of a hangover, but those extra two days of non-sleeping would be really fun for Tsunami and Naruko. The second that the boy felt that bitter ball of medicine entering his body, he immediately recovered his stamina. It was miraculous how much of a boost that drug could give him.

Now that Ryuko was in better condition, he quickly set up his assassination plan. It would be a shame to end this with a simple and brutal brawl; the boy wanted to at least kill his main target with a sneak attack.

He sent two clones to quietly put two massive vessels filled with water under the office room for him to set up. Thanks to his byakugan, the boy could see that the floor of the office wasn't waterproof, so he would have access to use his water jutsus with this small tactic.

Then, the mist came in, creeping inside Gato's office from under the main door frame.

“Don't just stand around! Do something!” Gato screamed at his two samurai. The fat old man, who was almost a midget dressed in a black suit, was quivering in his boots as he was constantly fixing his small glasses.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Chapter 5 - Spiderling77 (2)

One of the samurai was wearing a loose-fitted gray kimono that showed his naked torso. He also had an eye patch over his right eye and had brown hair tied into a topknot. “We need to wait and react when he attacks! It is the only solution!” He yelled, his hand firmly grabbing his katana.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Chapter 5 - Spiderling77 (3)

“Yes, don't worry, we can take care of her! She will be almost out of chakra after dealing with the bandits!” The other samurai, a lot younger, added as he was mistaken about Ryuko gender. He was wearing a gray jacket with many pockets and a purple beanie hat.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Chapter 5 - Spiderling77 (4)

A barrage of shurikens flew across the window, and the samurai managed to run and parry them without problems as they gave their backs toward the door.

“We got you!” The young one exclaimed while Ryuko jumped inside the room as Gato just curled under his desk.

It seemed that this would be a hard fight for the young boy when, in an instant, the shuriken that now were lying beside the samurai turned into shadow clones.

Since they were covered by the mist oozing from the door, the duo didn't manage to see them, as the clones had more than enough time to cast the Water Prison jutsu from the liquid in the containers under the room. In just a second, both samurai were imprisoned in massive orbs of water that put so much pressure on them that they were unable to move; all they could do was drown.

“Wait! I can pay you!” Gato begged as Ryuko grabbed him by the neck. The old man was squealing like a pig about to get butchered.

Ryuko chuckled as his kunai got near his neck. The pleasure of not only fighting but also punishing a man who dared to lift a finger against Naruko was driving his hands. “Don't worry, you will,” he answered, and with a swift hand gesture, he completed his mission.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Chapter 5 - Spiderling77 (2024)
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